What are the Features available in SolusVM Control Panel?

Firstly, After you login to your SolusVM Control Panel, you will see IF you VPS is Online (Green), Shutdown (Red) or Suspended (Black).
You may also see your Hostname, Public VPS IP, Operating System Installed, RAM, Disk Space & Bandwidth.

Finally, The Most important thing you see is the "Manage" Button/Section.
After you enter it, You will see ALL the info of your VPS.
Which Are as follows:

Status, Hostname, IP Address, Operating System, Nubmer of IPv4 Addresses, Number of IPv6 Addresses, Node Name, Bandwidth, Disk Space, Memory (RAM), Virtualization Type and VSwap (RAM).

Also, Bandwidth Usage, Memory Usage, VSwap Usage and Disk Usage.

Then you have 'General' Management settings like Reboot, Shutdown, Boot, Reinstall OS.
In Settings Section, You have the features to Enable or Disable Tun/Tap & PPP for your VPS.
Then you have the option to change your 'Hostname' and 'Root Password'.
Then you have 'Network' section, In which you can see your IPs and You can set a Main IP (If you have more than 1), You may also change your 'Reverse DNS'.
Then you have API which you can generate if you require it.
And at last, you have the 'Statistics' Section, in which you can monitor Traffic, Load & Memory Usages from a Timespan of 1 Hour to 1 Year.

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