Setup OpenVPN on CentOS VPS?

Firstly, You have to contact your Support in order to Enable Tun/Tap for your OpenVZ VPS Container from their part.
After that, you may login to your SolusVM Control Panel in order to Enable Tun/Tap and PPP from your side (If not enabled).


Login into your VPS as ROOT using Putty through SSH.

Type the following commands as root:

  • wget
  • chmod 700
  • ./

Wizard Instructions:

  • When asked to enter a “Passphrase” Do NOT enter one, leave it blank and just press "Enter".
  • When asked for Country Code, Province, City. These do not have the be accurate. Any values will do.
  • When asked if you want to build/sign the generated certificates enter YES (y).
  • It is normal for it to ask you two times for the same information (Since you are generating both client/server keys).

The final step is to download the /root/openvpn-keys.tgz archive, unzip it on your PC and import the .ovpn file in your OpenVPN Client.
This will create a simple button in your client and allow you to quickly establish a VPN connection to your VPS whenever you need it.

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